Invasive Plant Survey

What is an Invasive Plant Survey?

First, the landowner contacts Ruth Ann Ingraham, member of the Brown County Native Woodlands Project. She adds the name to her list of those interested in learning to identify non-native invasive plant species and methods of control.

Ruth Ann calls or emails the landowner to schedule a date for a one to two hour visit to the property during the growing season (May through October)

During the “walkabout” Ruth Ann and landowner look for invasive species and mark those found with brightly colored tape, if desired.

They also look for desirable native plants, those we wish to preserve and protect.

Ruth Ann leaves with the landowner handouts that are specific to the invasive species identified.

Within a few days, the landowner receives a written report that lists and prioritizes the undesirable plants found, suggesting additional resources, and also notes desirable plants and wildflowers.

Surveys are free but donations to the Brown County Native Woodlands Project are welcomed.

Email Ruth Ann today to schedule an invasive plant survey on your property, .