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In 2006 local citizens formed the Brown County Native Woodlands Project (BCNWP) to honor our natural heritage and save it from encroachment by non-native invasive plants.


We invite you to be part of this mission.  Become an annual member at $10 or join as a family for $15.  Additional contributions to support BCNWP's work are also welcome.  Your membership helps us to:

Educate people about the effects of invasive plants on our environment.

Act to remove invasive plants species in Brown County.

Advocate the increased use of native plants on public and private land.

Benefits of membership

  • Educational field days that focus on invasive plant identification and beneficial native plants

  • Informative newsletters

  • Invitations to our annual dinner and special programs

  • Workdays guided by professionals to control invasive plant species

  • BCNWP board eligibility to help plan and organize activities


Click on the Donate button to join today and pay with credit card or PayPal.  To pay by check download, print and mail the membership application, BCNWP Membership


NOTE: BCNWP records your payment through PayPal as a membership. Anything over and above the $10 Individual and the $15 Family membership is recorded as a donation. Questions? Email

$10 - Individual annual membership

$15 - Family annual membership

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