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Brown County Road Side Invasive Species Mapping


In early 2007, the Brown County Native Woodlands Project, a not for profit group aimed at protecting native biodiversity in Brown County forests, wanted to take the first step in targeting non-native invasive plant species.

Brown County State Park Invasive Plant Species Mapping


Controlling invasive plants is beneficial to wildlife, wild flowers and woodlands. Once you know what invasive plant species are, they are hard to ignore. Unfortunately it can be hard to get rid of them as well. This statement is true if you own a few acres around your house or if you own 40 – 100 acres of woods. So imagine being charged with caring for 16,000 acres or forest that is used by thousands of people a year, and has over 110 miles of horse trails, hiking and mountain bike trails.

Brown County State Park Stiltgrass Control Project


n September 2012, the Brown County Native Woodlands Project (BCNWP) completed the third year of control efforts on the stilt grass infestation in Brown County State Park.  The project was initiated in 2010 and funded by the BCNWP when members of the board, who were also mountain bikers, noticed that some of the trails passed through areas containing significant amounts of stiltgrass. 

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