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Brown County Road Side Invasive Species Mapping


In early 2007, the Brown County Native Woodlands Project, a not for profit group aimed at protecting native biodiversity in Brown County forests, wanted to take the first step in targeting non-native invasive plant species. The group decided to focus on the occurrence of Asian bush honeysuckle, Japanese knotweed, autumn olive, and tree-of-heaven. Though these are not the only non-native invasive plant species affecting Brown County, they felt it was important to target these first because of their forest invading characteristics. The group targeted non-native invasive plant species that threaten woodlands, as in the case of honeysuckles, autumn olive, and tree-of-heaven, as well as riparian zones and edges in the case of the Japanese knotweed. It was felt that two of these species, Japanese knotweed and tree-of-heaven were not yet irreversibly established, and with a comprehensive management plan, they could be eradicated in Brown County.


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