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Our mission is to protect the forests of the Brown County Hills from the devastating effects of invasive plant species through education, training, and eradication of


invasive plants.

Events, Grant Opportunities, Plant Sales & Workshops

Volunteer Work Days!

2nd Tuesday of the Month


We will typically meet in the IGA parking lot in Nashville.  

Wear long pants, long sleeves.  

Bring gloves and water.

2019 dates to be announced.

Contact Dan Shaver: dshaver@tnc.org

Nature Daze 2019- Saturday, September 7th

Nature Daze is an outreach program sponsored by the Brown County Native Woodlands Project (BCNWP) to help landowners better understand the importance of managing their property to create a resilient native habitat.

Brown County

Soil & Water Conservation District Grants


Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Grant: Remove, Replant, and Restore will fund projects which (1) remove invasive plants that pose a serious threat to the biodiversity of Indiana’s forested and riparian ecosystems, (2) replant and restore the site with appropriate native species that accomplish the goals and objectives of each landowner.

For more information about this grant opportunity visit the BCSWCD website,

http://www.browncountyswcd.com/, call 812-988-2211 or email at brown@iaswcd.org.